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NLP Training Franchise Opportunity to support Education System…Global Minds Academy

TCP Model Global Minds Academy

“NLP Training Franchise Opportunity” this tagline iteself makes Global Minds Academy a unique institution.  Global Minds Academy pioneers  in creating one of the most unique “Education Concept”.  Global Minds Academy comes with a complete holistic minds training and development for children, teachers and parents.

Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP science is the basis on which all these programs are created. This is the only NLP training franchise in the world today, therefore, this comes with immense potential.

Our Founder, Ashvin Deshpande is recognized globally for his unique effort of customizing NLP principles and practices for the benefit of everyone.

With a focused effort to customize NLP knowhow, technology and science of modeling for teenagers and youth of this country, emerged an idea of Global Minds Academy, the NLP Training Franchise.

Global Minds Academy boasts to be the pioneer in NLP applications for all the components of our present education system viz. Teachers, Children and Parents.

Global Minds Academy takes pride to be India’s Most Unique and fastest growing NLP Training franchise network with Super Learning Modules for every Teacher, Child and Parent.

In order to create a balanced business model, Ashvin chose to include a few more scientific tools and techniques.  This holistic service orientation of Global Minds Academy emerged out of that effort.

DMIT Brain Manual

Along with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), We also provide “Complete Brain Manual” for the children, adolescents, adults to understand their in-born talents through Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test(DMIT) and acquired skill set analysis through Psychometric Test (PMIT) for career development, Employability, pre and post marriage and compatibility.

Global Minds Academy Franchise Opportunity

This is complete “Franchise Guide” for all the people who are willing to represent this concept and become a part of our most dynamic Franchise Team which we call with a special pride as “Bunch of Trainers and not Traders”.

If YOU are searching for a career of PASSION and the PERFECT Business idea, you are home.

Global Minds Academy Vision

Global Minds Academy is To be the “World Leader” in spreading awareness in students, teachers and parents about self well Being, healing, awakening & Life-skill Education through Training, Coaching & Consulting.

Global Minds Academy Mission

To be the most trusted NLP Training Franchise Business Concept in the World.  To have 1000 outlets by 2025.