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 About Global Minds Academy(Franchise Opportunity in NLP Training) Management Team

This is the greatest “Franchise Opportunity in NLP Training” in India today.  Team, Global Minds Academy Management makes a perfect winning combination.  Together, the team carries with them an overall experience of almost 50 years of corporate, industry and business world.  The people, who are willing to be our future partners would be completely sure of the professionalism and the in-depth approaches towards training and development by this trio.

Ashvin Deshpande

Ashvin Deshpande, Founder Chairman & Managing Director

It is the futuristic approach towards Training Business that Ashvin has bundled the greatest “Franchise Opportunity in NLP Training” here.  The Franchise Opportunity in NLP Training will give our local center in each of the cities in the entire country a unique repute and advantage.  This Franchise Opportunity in NLP Training will create a special space for our representative in the society as the Best contributor for helping the main stream education through our TCP Model based Training Workshops.

A Transformatonal and Business Performance Coach, strategist, educator, consultant, and successful entrepreneur, Ashvin has numerous achievements with him.

Ashvin has taken his message to many organizations and individuals from cross-sections of the commercial world. Corporate world, educational institutes, B-schools, Government/Semi-Government Organizations, Network Marketing Companies, Life/General Insurance Companies have experienced transformation through Atmabhan Learning Initiatives over the last decade.

In addition to above, many entrepreneurs, sports personalities, film & drama personalities, singers, professionals like doctors, engineers, company secretaries, cost & management accountants and chartered accountants have approached Ashvin for personal coaching for success strategies.

Ashvin inspires people through self awareness leading to action, helping them to master their own destiny and command their true potential. He has taken his vibrant thoughts across India & beyond. His practical approach and strongly routed beliefs have inspired countless people to re-evaluate their attitudes. His 21 years of research, experience and wisdom in training and coaching have helped people on the path of personal, professional growth and fulfillment.

Ashvin is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Member of ABNLP. He is a post graduate in Commerce and Management. Ashvin is a registered member and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from International Coach Federation, USA.

He has authored 4 powerful books for TrueLife excellence called, “Formula Praptee”, “Get Set Go..”, “Badalna Zaroori Hai”, and “Principle of 7H”. Over one lakh people across the country have been benefitted through his “Inspiring Awareness” Learning Initiatives.