DMIT….Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Tests


Personality Profiling through DMIT i.e. Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test, which means combined study of fingerprints and Multiple Intelligence Theory by Dr. Howard Gardner.  This study gives us a true picture of the “Brain Mechanism” as it was formed.  This test, therefore, can describe the brain functioning related a specific person, thus works as a “Brain Manual”.

Global Minds Academy is very proud to state that we have the most trusted and tested “Authentic Software” in the Country to conduct Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Tests.

This technology will provide you “The Brain Manual” of a personality with which it was BORN.  Therefore, this is an “Innate or In Born” potential analysis.
This “Personality Profiling” option is available to the following:
  • Individuals interested to know their “Innate” Personality Analysis, understanding, knowledge and remedies.
  • Parents who are in pursuit of the “True Innate Potential” of their child to decide the most suitable career path for him/her.
  • Students who are on the verge of taking their final CAREER decision
  • Couples who are interested to know their compatibility pre or post marriage.
  • Organizations who are interested to know pre or post employment, the “True Personality Character” of a person and to allocate Right Job to the Right Person
Global Minds Academy is, “A Bunch of Trainers and not Traders” and we feel very proud as we call ourselves as a TEAM.  The extensive training for “Personality Observation and Analysis  based on Multiple Intelligence Theory given by Dr. Howard Gardner makes our Franchise very very special and expert consultants.
Dermatoglyphics is a science in which the patterns presented on finger tips and toes are studied by scientists.

Dermatoglyphics is an ancient Greek word. It means (Derma = “skin”, glyph = “carving”) It is the scientific study of fingerprints.

Dermatoglyphics refers to the branch of science which studies the patterns of skins (dermal) ridges present on the fingers, toes and the soles of human. Its reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents.

Dermatoglyphics has absolute scientific basis, with 200 years of research. It is analyzed and proven with evidence in anthropology, genetics, medicine and statistics.

In recent years U.S., Japan and Taiwan have applied Dermatoglyphics to diagnose Down’s Syndrome, congenital disorders, genetic abnormalities, educational fields, human resources management, employee recruitment etc.

Need Of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

DMIT Franchise Global Minds Academy

DMIT Test Report creates the “Brain Manual” of a personality.

The exact “Innate” quality that a person has and the reason for their “Dissatisfaction”, “Depression”, “Disintegration” can be easily revealed as we find the reasons what the person is gifted naturally and what he is doing in real life as a matter of upbringing and compulsions.

Numerous students commit suicides in India every year due to exam related stress….why do they do this? Personality and interest mismatch is the greatest reason for student’s stress and frustration.

Parental and peer pressure, lack of emotional balance are prime causes for such high number of suicides.

DMIT Will Reveal Following Information About a Personality


  • Positive Intrinsic Potential
  • Multiple Intelligence Distribution
  • Dominate and Preferred Learning Style
  • Learning Communication Character
  • Allocation of various abilities
  • Psychological and Planning Capability
  • Learning Sensitivity
  • Innate Work – Management Style

Dr Howard Gardner Introduce Multiple Intelligence Theory To The World 


Hence by DMIT analysis, We help parents to understand the inborn intelligence level of their child. After the test, we provide free counselling to parents or applicants about the report. In this, we guide them to choose the activities or careers according to their inborn intelligence. For example, a child having high Linguistic intelligence can learn a foreign language instead of going for Music class.