Education Franchise Opportunity

The Educational Franchise Opportunity in India

Franchise opportunity
Franchise Opportunity

Global Minds Academy – Education Franchise Opportunity.

Our Education system and its components. Ample gossip is being made about it.  Hundred of hours of conference and meetings are being conducted on this issue. The real steps will be taken in its own due course.  Until then what?

Once we have identified the “Challenge”, we must start with our solution.  With our own resources, we have bundled it all in the best possible manner and presented to you.  We at Global Minds Academy believe in massive action.

The first action we have taken is design, construct and implement a process which not only covers the shortcomings of the present education system but also goes ahead of time and gives a proper set of solutions to the concerned components, through Franchise Opportunity in Training and Education.

We boast to be the pioneers in the most advanced learning systems based on NLP Training and other behavioral science and tools.  We work on the TCP Model which covers the Teachers, Children and Parents through proper orientation and grooming to understand and nurture the next generation.

Unique Global Minds Academy Franchise Opportunity in Training and Education

Franchise Opportunity Global Minds Academy
Franchise Opportunity in Education sector
  • Infinite opportunities for the right spirit of entrepreneurship
  • Need based, yet uniquely qualitative set of services
  • The most affordable and reasonable investment quantum
  • A Completely balanced approach towards business and education
  • Highly qualified Masters to support for your professional and personal enhancement
  • Complete Training & Support System
  • Step by Step growth of business making it the most appropriate way of development
  • Working with all the components of Education System i.e. Teachers, Children and Parents
  • The best possible mix of training and the scientific tools for personal and professional career development

Transform into a True Professional

Transformation of Butterfly
Franchise opportunity
  • Business People with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Home makers and single mothers looking to break into the business world.
  • Retired people looking for a new source of income.
  • School Teachers or kindergarten teachers or abacus training teachers or computer teachers etc.
  • Lady entrepreneur or Married couples wanting more financial independence.
  • Working people looking to make a career change.
  • Who can make an effective investment for training kids aged between 5-15 years.
  • Recent graduates looking to launch their careers but also be self employed.

What is a Franchise Opportunity in Training and Education?

Global Minds Academy Franchise
Opportunities in Training and Development Sector

A franchise is a proven business model developed by the franchisor (Here Global Minds Academy that has created the business and is making it available to franchises through franchising agreement). Which allows the franchise to utilize its established trademarks, proprietary business plan and methods of doing business in exchange for a recurring payment, which often involves a percentage of gross sales along with the franchise fee. The franchisor will provide its franchises with training a proven business model, a well known and well established brand name, and a wide range of other tools and resources to help ensure success.

 Why to take a FRANCHISE?

  • Be your own boss.
  • No prior experience is necessary in teaching or in business we will train you extensively.
  • No professional qualification is required for taking the franchise offer.
  • Best value for your money.
  • Offers you financial freedom in short span of time.
  • Working market is expandable as the age group of the target audience is 6 to 80 years.
  • Long term business. A business with a noble cause i.e. imparting education.
  • Brand name, online marketing and Study materials provided by company.
  • Business Plan provided by the company.
  • Support by Global Minds Academy to set up your own center.

    Passionate to be Your Own Boss

Be your own Boss
Franchise Opportunity

Well, if you have this burning desire then we have the skills, expertise, proven business model, well defined system and real time experience to make a successful business venture starting from scratch.

It does not matter where you are in life right now. You may be a professional, middle or senior manager or general manager or even a fresh graduate. The best part is that you don’t need huge sum of money or a degree from a prestigious university or experience in industry & commerce. All you need to have is a open mind to learning, desire to succeed and the willingness to work hard with business ethics and integrity.

Many people start business full of hopes and dreams, only to see them Crash and Burn and these were intelligent, hard working and passionate individuals, many of them with business degrees.

FRANCHISE  Opportunity in Training and Education – a better option to starting own Business?

Even today, education and training sector is the most respected sectors in this country.  The reputation and the place that you create in the society is phenomenal and important considering the contributions you would make in the lives of students, teachers and parents.

Launching a start up business takes a tremendous amount of Time, Knowledge, Capital and Business acumen. The business owner must simultaneously be able to handle a wide range of responsibilities. The risk of investment, failure & time management is always there. Need a lot of initial and operating capital to set up of office, furniture, peripherals etc.

Even for an experienced business person, owning and operating a business venture can be extremely risky. The fear of failure, inadequate capital and lack of core business knowledge often keep people from achieving their professional goals especially when launching a successful business.

To eliminate fear, reduce the risk of failure and provide the training that entrepreneurs need to successfully launch their business one of the best option is to operate a FRANCHISE. One of the benefits of operating a franchise is that most franchises are provided with a proven road map for how to operate the business, along with all the training needed to make the business successful.

About Our Franchise Opportunity in Education and Training Options

We provide entire training, technical backup material as well as the complete business plan for effective set up and management of the franchise. With our guidance you can easily set up the business and start earning money now. The only pre-requisite required for the franchise is dedication, energy and the drive to introduce this amazing idea in your own area.

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