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life’SKOOL AspireX | NLP Training for Teachers

A One Day NLP Training for Teachers, as a part of “Continuous Professional Development for Teachers”

Professional development

A dedicated organization for NLP Training for Teachers and their continuous professional development is now here in India.  Neuro Linguistic Programming is used world wide for accessing strategies of excellence.

Ashvin Deshpande, our Founder has a vast experience of working with a number of professional educators as well as students.  Through his observation, understanding and analysis, he feels that the teachers, no matter what class they teach, will have a variety of students in front of them.  These students will have different learning styles.  They will have within them variety of learning behaviors.  The Teachers are supposed to bring the BEST from their students, this is where life’SKOOL PROTeach wishes to contribute through utilization of NLP Training for Teachers through NLP Principles, Practices and Applications.

gma nlp logical levels

NLP will help teachers to transform their professional practice on a fast track, their skill set and they will be able to bring with them their “Unconscious Competencies” in the class and out of the class.  Naturally helping them more efficient than ever.

The Professional Outcomes or Advantages for the TEACHERS post attending this training program are:

  • Fast Track Understanding of Mind & Self Behavior
  • Quick and correct perceptions about the children behavior
  • Better response system in terms of interaction with colleagues, children and others
  • Enhanced to identify individual student sub-modalities and needs for a better service
  • Instill more confidence in self and students
  • Micro Observation and Sensory Awareness gives total feeling of enhanced living
  • Faster rapport and influence
  • Improved CV and career path.

The outline of the One Day life’SKOOL AspireX Training Workshop

  • Intro to the Science of Change for Excellence

nlp training for teachers

  • Learning Strategies

nlp training for teachers

  • Creating a New Mind

nlp training for teachers

  • Expanding professional vision

nlp training for teachers

  • Micro-observation Technology

nlp training for teachers

  • Understanding the Audience Variety

nlp training for teachers

  • Operating from Abundance

nlp training for teachers

The Advantages of NLP Training for Teachers, for the Educational Institutions as Employers

  • Better skilled and more efficient work force.
  • Quality Employers attract high caliber staff and retain them.
  • Partnering with us means Quality Training and Quality Transformation
  • More adaptable staff to the ever changing professional situation
  • Improved self motivation levels in the teaching staff.