Mid Brain Activation life’SKOOL Brain Synchronization Training Workshop…..Unleash the Genius Within 

 India’s First Super Sensory Management Learning Program popularly called as Mid Brain Activation for the Kids Aged 6 to 14 Years.

 The Methodology

The best of the learning and right brain development happens when children are completely relaxed, peaceful, playful and at their original curious selves.  Popularly called as Mid Brain Activation.  But we will not use this term as we believe the real crux of this process of learning is creating a bridge between the left and the right brain. Therefore, the co-ordination between the brain regions becomes efficient and the super sensory information management becomes practically super enhance.

We follow a systematic and scientific process for the Brain to be nourished.

Children are practically relaxed completely through a series of structured creative and playful activities.  We have incorporated special techniques of NLP and Hypnotherapy to unleash the geniuses.

A series of games are played with them to make them laugh, think, enjoy and imagine.

Children participate in number of body movement activities which eventually help whole brain development.

Children participate in a lot of creative imagination and visualization activities.

Then children are taken to a meditative state where specific sound or music is used to relax them.

Some of the Best Memory enhancements techniques are also shared with the children to utilize their super computer “Brain” more organized and powerful.

What’s in it for the child?

  • After the course, the participating children are able to sense through their receptors extraordinarily more than an ordinary human being.
  • The visual dominant people are able to SEE the colors and details in a flash card even if their eyes closed.
  • The auditory dominant people are able to HEAR the colors and details in a flash card.
  • The touch dominant people are able to know the colors and details in a flash card by merely touching the same.
  • The smell dominant people are able to know the colors and details in a flash card by smelling.
  • Those who are taste dominant people are able to know the colors and details in a flash card by putting the flash card near to the tongue.
  • When the brain power increases, the sensory perception improves.
  •  When the senses improve, the ability to comprehend is heightened.
  • The five “radars” are able to capture information from outside easily and download into the brain, hence improves learning capabilities.Age Group Specific: Suitable for children between 6-14 years old.

         Course Duration: Two-day intensive + 6 follow up sessions within 3 months.

Advantage Brain Synchronization:

  • Amazing Imaging Skill
  • Exceptional Creativity
  • Increased Concentration
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Elevated Self-Esteem
  • Acute Observation
  • Effective Reading and Super Listening
  • High Speed Data Processing Skill
  • Better school result
  • Better Memory
  • Better concentration & focus
  • Improved character
  • More creative mind