life’SKOOL CAREER, NLP  Training for Youth Leadership

NLP Training for Youth Leadership

Outcome of life’SKOOL CAREER : Integrating Individual’s Passion & Career Choice

The most modern approach towards “CAREER” can be understood only if we are totally aware of the traditional approach.

“The Age Old Approach Towards CAREER”

The Student Self Dialogue, “After my Graduation/Post Graduation, I am going to do this job and settle down in my life”
Parents talking to their child, “My Dear child, please study hard so that you can get a great job and you can settle down at the earliest”
Teachers, “Students, a steady career means you get a job after your graduation and you keep doing it until you retire, see I am teaching here for the past 29 years.!”
Conditioning results in peer communication, “He is a great man, what a career, started doing his job at the age of 18 and now see he is retiring after 42 years”

Do you FEEL, this kind of culture is “CAREER” oriented?

According to the ex-generation, YES!

According to the need of the modern times, NO!

Barring a few urban centers, even today most of the Indian families, schools, colleges and universities and society in general, perceive “CAREER” as a source for “PERMANENT JOB” in a government or semi-government department preferably.

Even today, a private sector job is looked as a taboo in most part of this country.   People appreciate the person for sticking to a job even in private sector for his life, even if there is no growth or development.

For ages, this country carries the mentality where “CAREER” is equal to “Getting a JOB”

This cannot be the only outcome of our academic education.  There can be and there are many options, which can be explored as “CAREER”.

The times are really changing.  The Education System is not.  But, the great news is, we can “Change”.  Now set YOURSELF ready for transformation, as we have come up with “life’SKOOL CAREER” for the YOUTH aged between 20 to 24. NLP Training for Youth Leadership is a real transformation challenge.

“Global Minds Academy’s CAREER Approach”

Therefore, Global Minds Academy brings for Indian Youth a unique “Leadership Learning Initiative” with an absolute revolutionary approach towards “CAREER”.

Global Minds Academy wants to contribute in true spirit for the “Nation Building” activity.  We will be creating an educated next generation about multiple options.   The Youth must have a “Self Reliant” attitude for knowing, choosing, opting and developing their “CAREER”.

The multiple options could be:

Employment: Job

Self-Employment: Profession

Entrepreneurship: Business

Investor: Finpreneur

“Doing what YOU love and loving what you do”

Passion must be the driving force, understanding the core strength must be the complete focus.

life’SKOOL CAREER training workshop is precisely to achieve that.

The Outline of the Training Workshop

My Career …….My Journey

What is meant by “Career”?

Where do I stand?

Where am I willing to GO?

What is my Purpose of LIFE?

 My Self Identity……My Attitudes

Who am I?

What are my CORE Strengths?

How to build the Mental Muscles?

What is Killer Instinct? How to acquire that?

My Receptors…..My Processing

What are my Brain’s Receptors?

How effective are my Receptors?

How to Identify the Timeline & Efficiency of my Processors?

How to Improve the Quality Consistently?

My Connections…..My Network

What are the dynamics of Inter-personal relationships?

How to maintain “Self Respect”?

How to stand to Peer Pressure?

How to be Emotionally Intelligent?

My Group…..My Role

Why do we need to work in Groups?

What are Group Skills, How they different from Personal Skills?

Can I always be a Leader, in the Group?

What is the meaning of being a “Team Players”

My Personality…….My Presentation

What is “Image” building?

How to be always “Confident”?

What are the factors of Presentation?

What and How we create Impressions?

My Communication……My Reflection

How to master the process of Communication?

How to become an effective Public Speaker?

How to get a desired result from your communication?

How to Influence others?

My Money……My Standards

How important is Money?

How to build standards and money?

What is difference in Money & Finance?

How Money and Standards are connected?

My Life…..My Lifestyles

What are different spheres of LIFE?

How to maintain work – life balance?

How to honour the Body?

How to achieve peace and prosperity together?

My Celebrations……My Choices

How to celebrate everything?

What is the impact of celebration?

How to make life dynamic?

Certification and Celebration