life’SKOOL GroomeX PS

life’SKOOL GroomeX -Pre School –  NLP Training Parents having Children 2 to 5 years of Age

nlp training parents

A Two Day Most Empowering & Innovative Training Workshop

The Outcome from life’SKOOL GroomeX PS: Excellent & Balanced Parenting of the Toddler

The ‘Pre School Parenting Training’ is the most important training need of today’s in India.  As the families are going on the nuclear base, this becomes all the more prominent issue.  If both the parents are working and the child is put to external resource’s supervision then this is the most vital challenge to bring up the balanced child. For the first time in parental education Neuro Linguistic Programming is being used.  Therefore, NLP training Parents is the specialty here.

Our Founder is a credentialed LIFE COACH.  He has through his research and own findings as a Parent, devised and designed this training workshop for dealing with the practical challenges in day to day life as a Parent. Being NLP Maestro, he has customized this training workshop as NLP training Parents.

The workshop moves through the edutainment process throughout the two days as below

Part 1

NLP training parents

Empowering the Child with Social Skills, Emotional Regulation & School Readiness Skills

Child Directed Scenario

Academic & Persistence Coaching

Social & Emotional Coaching

Part 2

nlp training parents

To Encourage Co-operative Behavior, Use Appreciation and Incentives

The Art of Appreciation

Encouraging children through Incentives

Define and Implement Rules, Regulations & Routines

Set Effective Limits

Part 3

nlp training parents

Managing & Tackling Misbehavior

Continuous Follow Through for Set Limits

The difference between Avoiding & Ignoring Misbehavior

‘Allowance of Time Out’ & Instant State Management

Part 4

nlp training parents

Practicing Out of the Box Thinking

Understanding the difference between Logical & Creative Thinking

Problem Solving through Games & Stories