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life’SKOOL GroomeX T: Training Parents of Teenagers – NLP for Parents

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life’SKOOL GroomeX T Outcome: Grooming Parents to handle the tender life stage of children

The “Real Test” of parenting is when the child reaches his adolescence.  This is the “Deciding” course of time for children for their “Identity”, “Personal Career”, “Approach towards Family”, etc.

If at all, the “Generation Gap” is generated, it is during this time of the life of the child. The immature, unexposed, yet very vibrant, curious child is struggling to establish his own identity in his own eyes. He/she wants to check for himself/herself how their own life assessments go.  They are ready to experiment, take risks, go extra mile and that is a great quality but requires matured guidance, which they do not want.

On the other side, the parents feel, they are the owners of their children, they are the regulators, they are the supervisors, they are the controllers and the child must do whatever is within their limits of instructions.  They would generally go to the extent of justifying their side through emotions, emotional appeals, logical explanations,  family traditions, cultural contexts, and may be possibly everything to stop the unwanted experiments by the children.

The “Curiosity” and “Unawareness of the Consequences” may lead to disasters in the lives of the children.  Sometimes, the parental concerns are not unnecessary.

How to balance these aspects ?

How to understand the minds of the children ?

How to bridge the gaps in communication ?

How to empower them to experiment and yet maintain a great path of their life ?

How to manage the tender issue of ‘independence-dependence-interdependence’ ?

How to build strong relationship with the child ?

How to have even a stronger bond ?

How to guide and yet allow freedom to the child in order to satisfy the hunger of experimenting ?

How to build a culture of mutual respect of privacy and space ?

How to control by not controlling at all ?

These and these types of all questions will be answered by this most powerful training workshop.