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NLP Training for Parents, A One Day Training Workshop

life’SKOOL GroomeX Outcome :  Identify the Core Issues and Find Solutions

The most practical NLP Training for Parents. Global Minds Academy takes a pride in formulating such a powerful “Parental Education & Awareness” program.

There is a need, pressing need for Parental Education, but our culture is such, where most parents feel, there is no need at all.

The joint families used to carry the wisdom through the generations.  Including the “Garbh-sankara” most of the child nourishment and development was dealt with under the supervision of the elders in the house.  The would be mother or the new mother used to be constantly educated by the earlier generation.  Both the parents, along with their parents used to help the children fulfill the emotional, intellectual, physical needs.

The times have really changed now.  The total dynamics of the family system are changing.  The family model on which our society is shifting is, “Nuclear Family”.  Generally, both the parents are “Working” as well.

Therefore, parenting has become a challenge today.  All the dimensions of a child’s early life’s impression have changed.  The time, care, share, nourish and education that a full time mother gives to a child and a part time mother can give is different.  Therefore, extended family system is coming into picture.

NLP training for Parents through “GroomeX” is to empower parents in an innovative way of bringing up the children. A modern approach to balance work and life situation for parents.

The program will have the following outline:

Session 1                                            Know YOUR Parenting Style

Session 2                                           7 Laws of Parenting

Session 3                                           The Brainstorming for Solutions

Session 4                                           The Customization for each couple as “Parenting Unit”

Session 5                                           Measuring the “Changes”

This Program is a pathway to understand your role as “Parent”.  To find the core challenges, and then implement the probable solutions and come back with a feedback.