NLP for Parents

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NLP for Parenting

The present situation in the country about an aware and learned parenthood is pathetic.  This area of training and development is completely neglected.  Whereas, the real Gurus for the child in the early age are the parents.

Due to the culture of “Joint Family System”, parenting was never a part of formal education system, neither it is today.  The family system is fast changing.  The urbanization is increasing day by day.  The “Neuclear Family System” is the coin word in modern India.

At least, in the urban India, the parenting has become a matter of concern.  On top of being alone, the eligible parents are working.  There is a pressing need of step by step guidance for parenting, like never before.

Global Minds Academy boasts to be “One Stop Solution for Parents” for all YOUR training and personality profiling needs.

Our Founder, Ashvin Deshpande, an NLP Trainer and an International Coach Federation certified “Life Coach” has a vision that in the coming few years, “Parental Education & Awareness” will be every household training need.  Therefore, through his learnings and life experiences along with the science and research in this field, he has coined powerful parental education modules.

Parental Education and Awareness is important at every stage of parenting:

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Pre-Birth of the Child

Post Birth to Pre-school

Kids Parenting

Teenage Parenting

Parenting Adult Children

Out of these, Global Minds Academy has identified the two most important, challenging and tender issues for NLP for parents, a training workshop to create the new generation of educated and aware parents.

Today, Parents walk in to our Offices with a confidence to find solutions to their individual, couple or family challenges and walk out with smile and satisfaction.

Our Trained Professional Advice and Path setting approach, we have won tremendous trust among the “Community of Parents”.

This is a known fact that, there is no “Single” solution for each “Challenge”.  The Parenting itself is equivalent to          “Fresh Life Journey”.