NLP for Children

life’SKOOL CHILDREN, NLP Training for Children

NLP for Children

Have YOU put YOUR child to Global Minds Academy Workshops, Yet?

Global Minds Academy in its commitment to cater the TCP Model, comes with a variety of “Learning Programs” for the most essential component of this model, “The CHILDREN”

Children are the future of our society.  Their power to absorb, assimilate and adapt is phenomenal.  The traditional “LEFT BRAIN” approach is falling short to utilize their true potential.

In our country where literacy and employment are the only priorities for the education, children are nurtured predominantly into three “Rs” of education, i.e. Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic.  Therefore, the need for overall personality development and life skills development is neglected.

Parents do not have any clue as to how to engage the child post his schooling hours.  Homework engagement is one.  What else?

Therefore, parents without any technical analysis of the personality, just with an intention to engage the child put their child in some hobby class or sports class.  In the urban world the situation is further challenging as the parents do not have time, therefore, they want their children engaged in various activities without any relevance to their personality traits or in born potential.

Typical Challenges for Parents

The parents keep wondering why their child is not a genius?

Why the child is not focused?

Why the child is not serious about the studies?

Why the child is not doing any particular work excellently?

Why  the child is not confident?

Why the child is not a great team player?

Why the child is not able to concentrate?

Why the child is watching TV all the time?

Why the child is playing Video Games all the time?

Why the child is not listening to them?

Why …..Why ……Why……..Continues…….

life’SKOOL Children is an initiative by Global Minds Academy to cater the “REAL”  brain development and life skill needs of children while they are schooling as per their “LIFE STAGE”.  Neuro Linguistic Programming is the pathway through which we will be doing this.  NLP Training for Children or Kids is a brand new way of utilizing the tools and techniques for creating alert and self aware new generation.

Through our constant research and development as well as the constant pursuit to contribute to the children’s life, Global Minds Academy has brought the BEST of the “Super Learning Initiatives” for the children.

We have while design and development of the “Learning Programs” consider the fact that each child is a genius, we need to take proper directional efforts to “Unleash the Genius Within”.  All our “Learning Programs” have the same approach, all our Trainers have the same approach.  We treat each individual as a unique creation and therefore, every single child is given the attention which he/she needs.

We are very proud to say that at Global Minds Academy, “We are the Bunch of Trainers and not Traders”.  This only means that we are very choosy about the business or the training representative of our Academy. A thorough scan is done before anybody is accepted to be the part of our TEAM and on top of all, a rigorous and extensive training is given to each individual who come on board – Global Minds Academy.

Therefore, with the following Most Important Process of your child’s grooming path, ask YOURSELF, “Why I Have Not put my child to Global Minds Academy YET?”

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Student Screening

Personality Profiling

Parents Counseling


Learning Program Attendance

Post Learning Feedback

Continuous Evaluation

Global Minds Academy follows the value  “Value for Money” for the client.  Therefore, our “Learning Programs” are priced in that context only.

We at Global Minds Academy are strictly against the “Herd Mentality”.  Therefore, very special care is taken while the admission process for each of the program about the background of the children.

“The Best of Learning happens with Best of Peers”- Ashvin Deshpande