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life’SKOOL PROTEACH Excellence : NLP Practitioner Training for Teachers

NLP Practitioner Training for Teachers

“Perfection is a myth, the truth is “Perpetual Scope for Improvement”…..Ashvin Deshpande

For the first time in India, Ashvin Deshpande, NLP Maestro brings fully customized “NLP Practitioner Training for Teachers”

Life has been a journey.  The journey of continuous growth.  What we were yesterday, we are not today.  The quest for human excellence is never-ending.  NLP Practitioner Training for Teachers is the fastest and the most proven way of achieving excellence in the field of education.

Whatever, we might be doing, we always want to do better.  The mind is always ready to fine-tune itself with the smallest of the changes.  Rather, “change” is a basic instinct of a human being.

The question is

Are we all ready to change for better? or

Are we unconsciously changing for better or worse?

Consciously, everyone of us want to grow!

Take any job, profession, or business, the new is always exciting.  The human mind enjoys the “newness”.  The initial days of any professional engagement are very soothing.  The flow of energy, the level of participation, the desire to prove your capabilities, the zest to grow is phenomenal.

NLP Practitioner Training for Teachers

As the newness fades, so does the rest of the things.  The settlement into the Routine makes everything routine.  The brutal realities replace the zest to grow and the fight for survival starts.  The hard realities, bring with it a helpless acceptance that we cannot change, what is set for ages.  The circumstance, people, environment nothing encourages you to continue the journey with the same vigor that you had when you began.

At that moment, the person must think, “may be the external circumstances cannot be changed by me but I can sure keep myself on the track of continuous improvement and growth.” Therefore, this NLP Practitioner Training for Teachers.

The real committed lot of teachers always feel energetic, enthusiastic and they also take a personal initiative for, “Continuous Professional Development” activity.

life’SKOOL ProTeach Excellence is one such program, where NLP Practitioner Training for Teachers is customized for a drastic and in-depth change into the professional skills and attitudes.

Here NLP Practitioner Training for Teachers  is altogether at a new level.  This is a life-time transformational program for the teachers.  An advanced learning into human behavior, with micro detail approach, yet very entertaining and refreshing.

The program contains the complete syllabus of an “International NLP Practitioner” training program.  The whole content is customized as per the “Professional relevance and need” of Teachers.

Complete Practical and Inter-active Sessions throughout 5 days