Psychometric Tests

Global Minds Academy Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test

We have found that, Psychometric Multiple Intelligence test is designed to find personality traits, aptitude judgement, job-relevant information about you which an interview wouldn’t be able to do. Psychometric testing typically includes a combination of aptitude and personality tests online which measure your job-relevant cognitive abilities and personality.

As with any kind of test, you can know how to improve your routine performance by knowing what to expect and by practising. As long as you have done some preparation well ahead of time, you can approach psychometric tests confident in the knowledge that you are as well placed to succeed as anyone else.

Pychometric tests are impersonal, standardised and objective, and practice tests. The psychometric test is a level playing field parents, teachers and employers must value them because they are a fair way of uncovering candidates’ strengths regardless of educational background.

Here with Global Minds Academy, you are expected to appear for a test comprising of 90 questions.  The ideal approach is to as honestly and calmly as possible.  Candidates should ensure that they grasp the question properly and only use the information given.  Situational Judgement and Critical Thinking assessments measure suitability rather than ability, therefore, there is no question of failure or pass.

Global Minds Academy Psychometric Tests include in-depth reports on individual school student, under-graduate students as well as graduate and post-graduate students which provide information about how to assess their core intelligence, attitude and the aptitude in order to go on the path of confident and long-lasting results from education as well as career.

The Psychometric Multiple Intelligence Test with us provides you a very clear information about the nurtured aspect of your personality and the level of distortion that must have taken place about the multiple intelligence vis-a-vis your inborn potential.

What prompts you get the clearer picture is the comparison with the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test to know the inborn talents and the nurture effect.